Here’s How I Managed To Balance My Cholesterol Levels Naturally!


by Samantha Reeves Wednesday, March 8th, 2023


Hi! I'm Samantha, and I'm 51 years old! Here's how fresh TUNA fillets helped me improve my blood cholesterol levels and regulate my blood pressure when nothing else could…

I want to share my story because I know it will
resonate with you… just read it all the way to the end…


Hi again! I'm Samantha! I'm a mother, wife, and daughter, and when I'm not being any of these, I'm an accountant!

This short story is not about my family or job; it's about how I improved my blood cholesterol levels and regulated my blood pressure.

I struggled with high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, especially after I turned 48. I don't know if it has something to do with menopause, but it started at about the same time…

I've tried many solutions to manage my health. I've taken medications, changed my diet, and tried various lifestyle modifications, but nothing seemed to have a lasting impact.

At best, I'd call these quick fixes.

Quick fixes that sometimes do more harm than good – holistic solutions…
Quick fixes that often have side effects – medications…
Quick fixes that can be pricey – doctors…

After wasting months of my time and thousands of my hard-earned dollars, I decided to start my own research.

While searching for natural solutions for balancing my cholesterol levels, I stumbled upon an article: "The 5 Reasons Why You Need To Eat Tuna If You Have Bad Cholesterol".

It looked no different than a regular blog post, but it was intriguing, so I clicked on it…

I was amazed to learn how many benefits tuna can have on someone's health:

It boosts hair and skin health
It protects against diabetes
It reduces heart problems & diabetes
It reduces high blood pressure
It improves blood cholesterol levels

And it even

Assists in Weight Loss

It convinced me. Now the hard part was finding quality, fresh tuna at an affordable

Eventually, I found it at Natural Catch Seafood and ordered my first dozen tuna
cans. That's when I started eating fresh tuna fillest regularly.

I began incorporating tuna fillets into my diet a few times a week. The tuna had a firm, meaty texture that was a pleasure to eat at any meal, even breakfast.

After one week of following my new diet, I noticed some changes in my health. First and foremost, my blood pressure began to regulate. I had been monitoring my blood pressure regularly and saw that it was consistently lower than before. This was a significant improvement for me, as high blood pressure had been a concern for many years.


Two weeks into my diet, my cholesterol levels also improved. I had always struggled with high cholesterol, and despite changing my diet and lifestyle, I could never get it down to a healthy level. However, after only two weeks of regularly eating tuna fillets, my cholesterol levels began to drop.

These two reasons were enough for me to eat tuna for the rest of my life, but after one month into my new diet, I had one more reason! I lost weight!

Since eating tuna regularly, I feel more in control of my blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and I'm grateful for the natural and sustainable benefits that Natural Catch Tuna offers.


As someone who doesn't like relying on medication, I find tuna fillets the best solution for regulating high blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels!

Especially tuna cans from Natural Catch Seafood. Believe me, I scouted the best tuna fillets, and I always get back to Natural Catch Seafood.

Maybe it has to do something with the fact that it's caught using pole and line fishing methods…

My only regret is not finding them earlier…

If you're struggling with bad cholesterol or high blood pressure or simply just want to implement tuna in your diet because of its other benefits, then Natural Catch Seafood is the place where you can find high-quality, fresh tuna fillets.

Or, if you know someone struggling with any of these issues mentioned above, share this with them.

I really hope that it has even a fraction of the impact on your life that it had on mine because what you're about to get has forever improved my life!

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- Samantha